Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to MySkedj! Below are some common questions users often have. If you can not find a question or answer that helps, please leave a feedback note HERE.

  1. Who can see my calendar? Your calendar and events can only be seen by your friends in the MySkedj community.
  2. Who are my friends? Friends are users you have accepted friendship request from or have sent friend requests to, and have been accepted by said users.
  3. Can I hide events from friends? Yes. If you are attending an event, on the event page there is a 'Privacy' option, which can be set to 'public' or 'private'. Alternatively, when a new event is created on MySkedj, an option to set the initial privacy setting will be available.
  4. What does it mean to set an event 'public'? Setting an event 'public', allows your friends to see the event on your calendar.
  5. What does it mean to set an event 'private'? Setting an event 'private', hides your attendance to the event from your friends. The event will stil exist on your calendar.
  6. What other social media events can I import? Currently you can also import EventBrite events. This can be connected on your profile page here.
  7. Will there be other social media events or methods I can import external events to MySkedj? Yes! MySkedj will continually add new ways for you to import events. Please leave feedback here, if there is one you really want!